Drago Nightstalker

Lv5 Rogue Assassin "I will walk my own path, Don't get in my way."


Name: Drago Nightstalker
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human
Class: Assassin
Level: 5
Hit points: 19
Current experience: 10,690
Exp required for next level: 20,000


Strength: 13 (wgt allow: 45, max press: 140, op drs: 7, BB/LG: 4%)
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14 (system shock: 88%, res survival: 92%)
Intelligence: 11 (lang: 2)
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 14 (max henchmen: 6, loyalty base: +1, NPC reaction adj: +2)

Thaco: 18
Armour Class: 6

Thieving Abilities:

Pickpockets: 30%
Open Locks: 50%
Find/Remove Traps: 35%
Move Silently: 65%
Hide in Shadows: 50%
Detect Noise: 30%
Climb walls: 75%
Read Languages: 0%
Backstab multiplier: x3

Saving Throws

Shortsword: P
Longsword: P
Shortbow: P


  1. Common
  2. Thieves Cant

Special Abilities

  • Backstab
  • Dual wielding

As a boy Drago was trained from a very young age in the art of assassination. For many years he earned his reputation as the Nightstalker. His expertise in the art of stealth and silent movement making him a dangerous adversary. His targets always knew that if Drago was targeting them they didn’t have much time left. Over the past four years Drago has been a lone assassin, taking on jobs to be too difficult for a single assassin. Yet somehow he always gets his target; and comes back without a scratch. His cool temper and calm demeanor give him an edge in combat, keeping his mind focused on the job at hand. However after being forced to work along side a small team of assassins on a mission; he was forced to cut off the hand of one of his comrades to kill his target in one swing. He then left the league of shadows, leaving everything and everyone he knew behind. He now searches for someone, someone that will change his life forever.

Four years ago Drago was teamed with three other assassins: Leon, Damon and Reaya. The plan was simple, create a distraction to lure out the target and take him out. However, the team was found out and they were captured instantly, beaten and chained up, no way out for the team. The target then walked in and had Leon released and told him that he may do as he pleases with his comrades. Damon was killed instantly and Drago suffered repeated beatings while Reaya was slowly killed in right front of him. After weeks of being beaten the traitor Leon had Drago thrown out into the street thinking him dead, but an old couple was riding home and saw the beaten Drago and decided they couldn’t leave him to die. They put him in the back of their wagon and took him back to their farm to nurse him back to health. the old man was once a mage and noticed that Drago’s right eye was going blind. The mage was able to utilize his magic to prevent the degradation of his eye, however the magic waxes and wanes. Around sunset Dragos eye brings on pain as a reminder to let the magic rest and recharge. Drago is now looking for Leon, his goal to kill him for killing the only person he ever truly could say that he loved. Drago also has revealed that his name is not Drago but has said nothing further.

Drago Nightstalker

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