A young mage with a thirst for knowledge that borders on the obsessive.


Name: Vokun Kro
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Level: 4
Hit points: 12
Current experience: 10,073
Exp. required for next level: 20,000
Spells available per day: 3x Level 1, 2x Level 2

STR—8 (wgt allow: 35, max press: 90, op drs: 5, BB/LG: 1%)
CON—13 (system shock: 85%, Res survival: 90%)
INT—18 (lang: 7, Spell level: 9th, Lrn spell: 85%, Spells/level: 18)
WIS—15 (magical defense: +1)
CHA—11 (Max # of henchmen: 4)

Armour class: 10
Thac0: 19

Saving Throws
Para/Pois— 14
Rod/Staff— 11
Poly/Pet— 13
Breath— 15
Spell— 12


Vokun Kro is a mage with talent beyond his years. While most his age are still learning cantrips and small magics, Vokun has gone beyond his schooling, growing bored having learned all he could learn in the surroundings of his youth and instead seeking greater knowledge, and with that knowledge the control over arcane power that came with it.


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