Oliver Leaf

"Drop your weapons and you pants, else I'll feather you!"


Name: Oliver Leaf
Alignment: True Neutral
Race: Half-elf
Class: Ranger
Level: 3
Current experience: 8300
Exp. required for next level: 9000
Hit points: 26

STR—13 (wgt allow: 45, max press: 140, op drs: 7, BB/LG: 4%)
DEX—17 (reaction adj: +2, Missile adj: +2, Def Adj: −3)
CON—14 (system shock: 88%, res survival: 92%)
INT—11 (lang: 2)
WIS—15 (Magic Defense: +1, Bonus spells: 2x 1st, 1x 2nd)
CHA—5 (Max henchmen: 2, Loyalty base: −4, NPC reaction adj: −3)

Armour class: 3 (6 without dex adj)
Thac0: 18


Oliver was an orphan who was abandoned in the forest as a baby. An old Elven ranger who lived in the forest found him and raised him to be a ranger. One day after returning from hunting some bandits he found his home being sacked by Orcs. He hid and watched as they destroyed the house and searched for something. As the Orcs started leaving he noticed his adoptive father following the orcs, he tried to follow but he couldn’t keep up. It felt like they were being speed by an unnatural force. He lost them in the forest.

He has been hunting orcs ever since. During his hunt, he has seen the horrifying torture and destruction the orcs cause. He has seen towns massacred, and women and children murdered. He once encountered an orc who had eaten the entrails of live children. The countless atrocities that he witnessed have had given birth to an unnatural animistic rage towards orcs.

Oliver’s life goal is to find love and to obtain the power to protect the ones he cares about.

He is loving, secretive, power hungry and determined. But has a dark side. He is uncaring and reacts harshly to those to anger him. And will gladly kill those who present a possible danger.

Oliver Leaf

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