A former maid, who is now accompanying Oliver on his adventures.


Name: Myst
Alignment: ?
Race: Elf
Class: Fighter
Level: 1
HP: 8



As a child Myst was very adventurous, she liked to wander in the forest outside her home and pretend she was a brave adventurer battling dark monsters. She was a quiet, but that only helped to fool those around her. Under the quiet girl was a mischievous, boisterous and slightly erratic one that only showed herself during the most……opportune moments.

She has two sisters both of whom were very serious and ended up living her dream of being an adventurer. It was one of Myst’s favourite past-times to play jokes on them. Once filling there their wineskin with a giggle potion. Or even going so far as to have a mage enchant their armour to disappear while they were in attendance of a royal court. They would always give chase after one of these events but could never catch Myst, and in time they would forgive her (only to fall victim to another of her pranks).

She first became an attendant in a royal court of the highest standing but soon grew board of all the monotone speeches delivered from her superiors and the lack of adventure ( an incident involving small woodland critters in the castle during mating season could have played a part to). So she left, with the feeling that somewhere out there was an adventure for her……And in the first town she came across she realized she had no gold and was forced to work for one of the local nobles in exchange for the gold necessary to start her adventure in earnest…………


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