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A young half-elven mage with surprising strength, acerbic wit, and little patience.

Name: Chara
Alignment: Neutral Evil (not known to party)
Race: Half-elf
Class: Fighter/Mage
Level: 4/3
Hit points: 22
Current EXP: 9070/9070
EXP required for next level: 16,000/10,000


Armour Class: 10
Thac0: 17

Saving Throws


Backstory: Chara has recently opened up to the party and shared the story of how a tribe of orcs tore her family apart by killing her parents. The orc who did so was currently their chief, Ricak Swordhand. Chara has many secrets, though, and it has taken a great deal to push her to share even this much. What other secrets lie buried in the past of this half-elf?

Love Interests: death glare “Not helping the situation.”
Vokun declared his love for her, and she attempted to spin it in her favor. Slemming took it upon himself to tell Vokun that Chara was “using him.” Things are understandably tense, but the two are being “professional” for the time being.

Goals: I keep my goals secret. “Need to know” basis.
However, one of my lifelong goals has been achieved at last: getting my revenge on the orc chieftain Ricak Swordhand. His head will be my trophy from now on. (I also like other things. Gaining power. Amassing followers and influence. Defeating those who have wronged me, but expending as little of my own resources as possible.) I also have made it my goal to try to understand the band of adventurers that I’ve become a part of.

Hated enemies: Those who have wronged me. Pay attention to answers of the questions you ask.

Chara is a closed book with a magic seal in the restricted section of the secret library underneath Area 51. More or less.
If she tells you a secret, you’re either very lucky she trusts you, or in mortal danger of being…“removed” for knowing too much. She’s manipulative, but tries to be secretive about it. To varying degrees of success.
Normally calm and withheld, she can have terrifying outbursts of emotion if circumstances overwhelm her. Best to be far away when that occurs, due to her lack of detectable empathy for living things.

However, she seems to have taken a liking to the group she’s currently with. Furthermore, the fact that the party has gotten her to open up to them is a surprising development indeed.


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